Fan Appreciation?

Fan Appreciation?

Last Monday on Raw, the WWE Chairman boldly claimed that WWE fans and "people all over the world love me." Now, the hours are dwindling until Mr. McMahon Fan Appreciation Night gets underway from Dallas' American Airlines Center.

The mystery surrounding this seemingly absurd announcement sparked interest on what Mr. McMahon could possibly mean.  Is Mr. McMahon really loved by fans? What exactly does Mr. McMahon have up his sleeve?  To find out, went to the source and asked WWE fans for their thoughts as they waited outside the arena for doors to open.

Garrett Pappas, a Dallas native, wasn't big on Mr. McMahon as a person, but thought his bank account could bail him out.

"I hate that guy," Pappas said. "But he is rich… one time, Oprah bought her entire audience cars, maybe Vince will do the same to get on [the WWE fans] good graces again."

Pappas's idea of a getting some free, new wheels may be as distorted as Mr. McMahon actually believing he's loved. Think about it — buying cars for more than 15,000 people is highly unlikely…even for a billionaire trying to upstage another billionaire -- Donald Trump. To Mr. McMahon's defense, it's not that he can't afford it… it's just that his ability to feign kindness doesn't come as natural as his ability to let his true, sadistic side shine through. 

Whatever side he chooses to show tonight, there is one thing that is a constant: Mr. McMahon is anything but conventional.

"He's unpredictable, and there's no way to figure out what he'll do tonight," said Demian Wall. Minutes before approached Wall he was informed that tickets to tonight's live event were sold out. "Now I hope he means that some more tickets will be released for tonight's Raw; you hear that, Vince? Release some more tickets so I can go to the show."

Joseph Long, who was able to purchase a ticket before they sold out, claimed there was "no chance" of knowing what the token of appreciation will be, especially due to the volatility between Mr. McMahon and WWE fans over the years.

"There's just no telling with that guy," said Long. "I hope he makes a special match... that's all I really want."

The time for guessing what it will be is quickly running out. The only way to find out what Mr. McMahon has up his sleeve is to watch Raw at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

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