Cena injury update

Cena injury update

As first reported by WWE Mobile Alerts, WWE Champion John Cena was injured last night on Raw when Umaga bulldozed him through a table.

Cena was left with severe abdominal pain from the fall, which WWE doctor Ferdinand Rios suspected was due to a ruptured spleen. Cena was taken to a nearby medical facility for an abdominal CT scan, but refused admission and left the facility under his own power— against the advice of the attending physician.

Many question the reasoning behind Cena ignoring the potentially severe injury. According to doctors, physical activity, especially contact sports, could be catastrophic.

WWE.com has learned of a new clause in the company's wellness policy. When a Superstar is admitted to a medical facility, there is a minimum number of days the Superstar cannot compete. This is dependent upon the severity of the condition diagnosed. Cena's subsequent actions after his diagnosis raises the question: did Cena refuse to be admitted to a medical facility to avoid the risk of not being cleared to defend his title against Umaga at the Royal Rumble this Sunday?

It's no secret he wants revenge on the Samoan Bulldozer, but is refusing the needed medical attention the right decision? Could Cena be jeopardizing his career for his lust for retribution?

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