High-stakes Game

High-stakes Game

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- William Regal rolled the dice last week when he interfered in the Career Threatening Match between Ric Flair and Triple H, costing The Game a spot in the Royal Rumble and putting the brakes on his World Championship hopes. This week at the Mohegan Sun Casino, the Raw General Manager came up craps.

In one of the most unique nights on Raw, the return of "Raw Roulette," Mr. McMahon spun the wheel and it stopped on a First Blood Match between Regal and Triple H. Even before their match began, The Cerebral Assassin seemed to be on a mission, taking his frustration out on the haughty Brit when he spotted him in a hallway of the Mohegan Sun Arena. Once in the ring, Triple H punished the Raw GM by drawing crimson from the blue blood for the victory. How else will The Game's rage and frustration manifest itself, knowing that he is out of Royal Rumble and the World Title picture as the event approaches? (WATCH)

Never Say Never

Mr. Kennedy's obsession with Shawn Michaels continues. The Raw Roulette wheel paired the rivals against Trevor Murdoch & Charlie Haas in what the Chairman dubbed a Strange Bedfellows Match. HBK and Kennedy didn't exactly get along, but they managed to defeat Murdoch & Haas. However, the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., left his mark on The Showstopper with his patented Mic Check.

‘Carlito' beats… Carlito

As if one Carlito wasn't enough. Hardcore Holly battled the Caribbean Bad Apple in a Trading Places Match, meaning the two were forced to dress up as one another. Holly -- dressed as Carlito -- managed to emerge victorious over the apple lover.

Ashley's Back!

The vivacious Ashley made her triumphant return tonight, showing that anything can happen during Raw Roulette! The former Playboy cover girl emerged victorious in a Lingerie Pillow Fight Match against Melina, Jillian, Maria and Mickie James.  (WATCH)

Breaking the Walls

Chris Jericho got more than he bargained for when he was forced to face off against Snitsky & JBL in a Handicap Match. Just as he locked the yuck-mouthed monster in The Walls of Jericho, the Lonestar Loudmouth intervened with a brutal attack. The "wrestling god" seems hell-bent on venting his divine wrath on Y2J as their Royal Rumble Match approaches.

Horning In

Mr. McMahon told his son, Hornswoggle, he had to pick a tag team partner to face off against The Highlanders. The little guy searched high and low -- and seemed unable to find a formidable partner -- until the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley, appeared. The peculiar pair went on to defeat the Scots and qualify for Royal Rumble. Imagine, Hornswoggle could pull off one of the greatest -- if not the greatest -- upset in WWE history if he manages to win the 30-man Rumble. For former WWE Champion Foley, this could be his last opportunity at glory. At Royal Rumble, everyone has a chance -- and anything can happen. (WATCH)

Roulette in a Cage

WWE Champion Randy Orton may have thought that Lady Luck didn't smile on Jeff Hardy when the Raw Roulette granted him a Steel Cage Match with Umaga. After all, Jeff still had his ailing brother Matt, who was brutalized by Orton last week, on his mind. However, the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" showed that luck can be in the eyes of the beholder. Read the full story …

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