Cena ready to face K-Fed

Cena ready to face K-Fed

Enemies John Cena and K-Fed are unified on one thing: neither is backing down from their upcoming New Year's Day bout.

Even though America's Most Hated challenged the WWE Champion nearly two months ago, the hatred between them hasn't diminished. The rivalry started back in October when K-Fed wanted Cena's title on the line in The Champion of Champions match at Cyber Sunday. Cena responded with an FU on Federline. Things escalated the following week when K-Fed goaded The Champ into chasing him, only to be double-teamed by Big Show and King Booker. Finally, at Cyber Sunday, Federline cost Cena the win when he hit him with the World Heavyweight Championship.

"The last thing I was left with from K-Fed was a slap in the face," said The Champ. "No one wants their last memory to be of that, being slapped in the face by K-Fed. Most importantly is the fact that he's called me out, challenged me to a match," he continued. "It doesn't matter if it's K-Fed or Umaga, when somebody calls me out to a fight, I'm going to fight them."

Monday's match comes just days before The Champ has to defend his title against the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer at New Year's Revolution. While Cena will attempt to block out external pressures and defend his personal pride, K-Fed looks to prove himself to the world.

"None of you know the real Kevin Federline," said K-Fed. "The real Kevin Federline takes pride in shocking the world, and that's exactly what I'm going to do when I meet Cena in the ring. My name is not K-Fed. It's Kevin Federline. I want some and I'm gonna get some."

The Champ is undeterred by K-Fed's grandiose statements.

"He thinks he can expand his resume into the field of sports-entertainment, and I believe that he can't," said Cena. "I think I share America's sentiment in knowing that he needs to get his ass whipped."

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