Ricochet def. Apollo Crews (Draft Showcase Match)

Ricochet vs. Apollo Crews: Raw, Oct. 7, 2019

Ricochet clashes with Apollo Crews in a fast-paced bout with each showcasing their incredible talents just four days before the WWE Draft.

It was a battle of the blue-chippers on Raw when Ricochet went to the mat with Apollo Crews in a pre-Draft “showcase” match meant to show Raw and SmackDown’s select committees what these two “legit best friends” can do. Obviously, they can both do quite a bit. In fact, the two are in many ways mirror images of each other, with perhaps Crews possessing the slight size advantage. But even a showcase has to have a winner, and that proved to be Ricochet after he caught his opponent with a Recoil. That isn’t to say either of their stock will drop by any means as a result of this match. If nothing else, Ricochet and Crews have both shown what they're made of; to say nothing of their motivation to stick it to the side that chooses to overlook them.

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