Natalya def. Lacey Evans (Last Woman Standing Match)

Natalya def. Lacey Evans (Last Woman Standing Match)

“We are at the end of the road,” Lacey Evans announced moments before her Last Woman Standing Match with Natalya, flanked by a trash can spray-painted with The Queen of Harts’ name. And at the end of the road, “the trash gets taken out for removal.” The Sassy Southern Belle was of course referring to the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, but she might have overestimated her chances. Not only did Natalya earn the decisive victory in the rivalry, she did so in epic, come-from-behind fashion and left Evans in a heap next to the stage.

Even though Natalya came out swinging, The Lady of WWE dominated large chunks of the match and answered Natalya’s early aggression with a series of contraptions and implements. She even strapped Natalya to an announce chair by using a Kendo stick as a seatbelt. The Canadian simply refused to stay down, however, and a frustrated Evans looked to put the match away with a suplex off the side of the stage.

Natalya escaped, countered with a suplex of her own atop the ramp and executed a giant powerbomb off the side of the stage that sent Evans through a table and rendered her unable to answer the count of 10. And for all the very real abilities Evans showed during this match and rivalry, Natalya got the last word thanks to an old-school lesson the newcomer has likely learned the hard way: It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

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