Rollins once again slays The Beast

Seth Rollins calls SummerSlam triumph his greatest victory: Exclusive, Aug. 11, 2019

After slaying The Beast a second time, new Universal Champion Seth Rollins says he got the competitive Brock Lesnar he wanted, and he claims it was the biggest win of his career.

Seth Rollins’ ribs might have been injured at SummerSlam, but his fighting spirit was stronger than ever. After hitting Brock Lesnar with three massive Stomps, The Beastslayer lived up to his moniker to become a two-time Universal Champion, conquering the nigh-unbeatable Lesnar and bringing the coveted title home to Monday Night Raw.

As revealed by Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman on Twitter, The Beast will not be granted a rematch.

With Lesnar now in the past, Architect’s Universal Championship celebration continues tonight on Raw, coming to you live from Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

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