Drake Maverick survived the night as 24/7 Champion

Drake Maverick is ready for his honeymoon: Raw, July 8, 2019

The 24/7 Champion and his wife finally go on a “dream” honeymoon.

24/7 Champion Drake Maverick continued his test of endurance, as he brought his wife Renee to Newark as the latest stop on their ill-fated honeymoon. Unfortunately, a private conversation with his wife brought out the vultures, leading Maverick on a mad chase throughout the arena. Deposed champion R-Truth eventually found his way into the pursuit as well, and against all odds, Maverick evaded his pursuers (he also narrowly escaped The Viking Raiders when the chase ran afoul of their match) to make it back to his wife in one piece. However, Truth and a referee were lying in wait, as they somehow found their way into the crate Renee was sitting atop. Truth emerged right when Maverick thought himself safest, placing the referee on his back and pursuing the champion deep into the New Jersey summer night.

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