Kurt Angle def. Chad Gable and revealed the identity of his final opponent

Kurt Angle vs. Chad Gable: Raw, March 18, 2019

The Olympic Hero competes in Chicago one last time in a match against a Superstar who idolizes him, Chad Gable.

With Kurt Angle’s Farewell Match at WrestleMania fast approaching, speculation has run rampant as to who The Olympic Hero would face on the way out. Just prior to his final match in Chicago, Angle made a simple and appropriate selection: Baron Corbin. The Lone Wolf supplanted Angle as Raw GM and made his life miserable, so he’s the one Angle wants to hobble before he calls it a day. And if you ask Corbin, that’s just perfect — and he didn’t hesitate to say so at the end of the Olympian’s match on Raw.

As to that, Angle had picked Chad Gable as his final opponent in the Second City, and it quickly became apparent that he might have bitten off more than he can chew: The former Raw, SmackDown and NXT Tag Team Champion moves like Angle in his prime and is a candidate for the same kind of longevity and dominance the elder Olympian enjoyed. Entering in his old American Alpha garb and a red, white and blue singlet, Gable took Angle to the limit — he escaped the Angle Slam and locked in an Ankle Lock of his own — and might have won had he not gone high-risk and whiffed on a moonsault. The missed maneuver left Gable exposed, and Angle pounced with a grapevine Ankle Lock to earn the submission, but Corbin wasn’t exactly impressed with the performance.

The Lone Wolf reared his head after the tapout had been recorded, promising a sweet victory for himself in three weeks and leaving Angle with the ominous words that all the WWE Universe tends to remember is a Superstar’s final match. Whether that’s a glimpse of a harsh truth to come or just the psych-up material Angle needs for his last ride, however, remains to be seen.

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