Bobby Lashley interrupted Elias’ documentary shoot

Bobby Lashley disrupts Elias' new documentary: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018

As a film crew follows Elias for a new documentary, Bobby Lashley has a reality check for The Living Truth.

Elias’ documentary is only one week old, and The Living Truth is already working on his own alternate cut. Bobby Lashley, as it turned out, had a few ideas of his own to contribute to the creative process.

The strummer came to Raw with a film crew he had hired to re-shoot the documentary “the right way,” but their attempt to film his in-ring concert quickly devolved into wild micromanagement and rapid-fire insults at Bobby Lashley. That brought out the big man, who had seemed to reach his limit on the number of times his name came out of Elias’ mouth.

Elias seemed ready to make himself scarce, ushering the crew out of the ring, only to turn around and cheap-shot Lashley. Unfortunately for him, not only did Lashley get the better of their scrap, but he directed the camera crew to film the astounding stalling suplex he administered to The Living Truth. Hopefully, Elias has final cut on this documentary; otherwise, he’ll be stuck with a very different sizzle reel than the one he intended.

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