Titus Worldwide confronted The Authors of Pain

The Authors of Pain refuse help from Titus O'Neil: Raw, July 23, 2018

Akam & Rezar incite a brawl with Titus Worldwide.

Losing to The Authors of Pain twice has certainly convinced Titus Worldwide that Akam & Rezar are the real deal skill-wise, though after this week’s Raw, it may be fair to say that the veteran tag team may have a thing or two left to teach the ascendant heavy-hitters.

Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews attempted to give AOP some tough love at first, with Crews calmly if forcefully insisting the young duo show O’Neil the respect befitting a veteran and community figurehead. When the trash talk persisted, Titus Worldwide decided to teach AOP a lesson the old-fashioned way, throwing hands against the larger duo and forcing them into retreat. Class dismissed.

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