Mojo Rawley def. Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze vs. Mojo Rawley: Raw, July 23, 2018

Prince Pretty locks up with the increasingly aggressive Mojo Rawley on Raw.

Mojo Rawley continues to impress, this week earning a repeat victory over Tyler Breeze that saw the high-energy Superstar snuff out Prince Pretty’s well-scouted game plan (Breeze clearly learned from his missteps last week) by pure force, throwing Breeze into the ring post before sealing the deal with a sit-out Alabama Slam. It was the kind of performance that more than backs up Rawley’s insults over the past week both in ring and on social media, particularly those that targeted Bobby Roode. But The Glorious One himself calmly refuted Rawley during a backstage interview, claiming that he — like Breeze and recent Rawley rival No Way Jose — is comfortable in his own skin and wasn’t sweating any insults that came from behind a keyboard.

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