Roman Reigns brawled with Bobby Lashley

Roman Reigns brawled with Bobby Lashley

BOSTON — Most people might not want to be called out by Roman Reigns. Bobby Lashley is not most people.

Raw had barely begun when Lashley confronted Reigns in the backstage area and all but demanded his WWE Extreme Rules opponent call him out in the ring so Lashley could deliver a taste of what awaits the former WWE Champion this Sunday. The Big Dog obliged, and so did Lashley. Despite the efforts of wave after wave of Superstars dispatched by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to stop the two heavyweights from throwing hands, Reigns and Lashley brawled across the entire ringside area, with Lashley decidedly holding the upper hand until the other Superstars finally restrained him, at which point Reigns soared over the top rope and swooped down on everyone in his path.

A cinematic look at Roman Reigns' gravity-defying dive: Exclusive, July 9, 2018

Follow The Big Dog as he dives into a sea of Superstars during his Raw brawl with Bobby Lashley.

The battle seemed to have finally cooled after that — at least until Reigns charged Lashley once again, allowing the former ECW Champion to get a few more licks in before the two were finally separated. With a battle for supremacy and pride looming, the question is clearly no longer what can contain these two, but if such a thing can be accomplished at all.

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