Ember Moon def. Liv Morgan

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan: Raw, July 9, 2018

The Shenom looks to control the mayhem that is The Riott Squad's Liv Morgan.

Turns out, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan don’t just riot(t), they adapt. That said, they’re still working out the kinks on navigating the Team Red waters without Ruby Riott, as Ember Moon earned her second straight victory over Liv Morgan following a defeat of The Riott Squad’s self-dubbed “firecracker” last week, despite the fact that Sarah Logan attempted to get involved this time around.

Moon had just rallied from an effective onslaught by Morgan to perhaps tee up the Eclipse when Logan made her move, climbing up on the apron to distract The Shenom. Moon decked Logan off the apron, and Liv sprang with a rollup, but Ember reversed the maneuver to get the 1-2-3 for herself.

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