Potty crasher

Braun Strowman traps Kevin Owens in a portable toilet: Raw, July 2, 2018

KO finds himself in a situation that flat-out stinks, courtesy of Mr. Monster in the Bank.

Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman’s not finished with you. After becoming a target of The Monster Among Men, KO found himself in a foul predicament when Strowman trapped him inside a portable toilet and knocked the potty off the stage. It was gross, and judging by Owens’ expression afterward, the incident stung more than his nostrils. 

Mr. Monster in the Bank tends to stick to his prey like a great white shark in a Steven Spielberg flick or, perhaps more appropriately in this case, like flies on you-know-what. Expect more of that signature Strowman destruction at KO’s expense this week.

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