Raw General Manager Kurt Angle cancelled the multi-man match to determine Brock Lesnar's next challenger

Brock Lesnar's contractual negotiations hit a snag: Raw, June 25, 2018

Find out why Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was forced to cancel the high-stakes multi-man match at WWE Extreme Rules.

SAN DIEGO — Who will face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship? The answer is no clearer than it was last week. After the Universal Champion's contract negotiations hit an unspecified "snag," Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was forced to backtrack and cancel the planned multi-man bout to determine The Conqueror's challenger — much to the chagrin of Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley, who were the first two Superstars announced for the contest.

The lingering tension between Reigns and Lashley gave Angle a chance to make lemonade when he contemplated sanctioning a singles match between the two at Extreme Rules. But the true opportunists of the situation ended up being The Revival, who resurfaced to demand a rematch after last week’s loss. Constable Baron Corbin, who had been lurking on the periphery throughout the entire confrontation, was more than happy to make his presence known, granting the tag match on the spot.

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