Sami Zayn challenged Bobby Lashley to an obstacle course

Sami Zayn challenges Bobby Lashley to a military-styled obstacle course: Raw, June 11, 2018

The disrespectful Sami Zayn tries to put Bobby Lashley's military background to the test.

Sami Zayn has certainly gone outside the box in his attempts to get under Bobby Lashley’s skin as their clash at WWE Money in the Bank approaches. First, he hired three men to pose as Lashley’s sisters. Then, he openly questioned the former ECW Champion’s service record. This week, he went more left-field than ever and got his first physical leg up on his specimen-like opponent as a result.

As a way to force Lashley to prove his military bonafides, Zayn somehow roped his opponent into a race through a Green Beret-style obstacle course, with the fastest man through claiming victory. Lashley completed the course in around 45 seconds, and then Zayn struck, blindsiding his rival with a barrage of strikes and blasting him with a Helluva Kick.

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