Natalya def. Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon

Natalya def. Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Natalya has been something of a dark horse in the run-up to this Sunday’s Women’s Money in the Bank Match, but on Raw, she made a late-breaking power play as the make-or-break contest approaches.

After Raw General Manager Kurt Angle presided over a confrontation between all eight Raw participants for the two Money in the Bank Matches (with the newly buzz-cut Constable Baron Corbin hovering over his shoulder, no less), The Queen of Harts prevailed in a Fatal 4-Way among the female competitors that previewed how each Superstar might try to seize their first Money in the Bank contract.

For Sasha Banks, that meant going high-risk, throwing her own body to the wind on both offense and defense. Alexa Bliss, who played up a seemingly exaggerated leg injury before focusing on Natalya’s own tweaked knee, opted for an any-means-necessary strategy. Ember — as the newest of the four Superstars — often found herself on the sidelines as the veterans battled, so she used that to her advantage and unleashed offensive flurries out of nowhere. Natalya, meanwhile, seemed dead set on an old-school showdown with whoever was in the ring, and while that didn’t serve her well in the more frantic sections of the match, it paid dividends when the bout came down to her and Alexa: The Queen of Harts trapped Bliss in the Sharpshooter, cranked it back and waited for the tapout.

Corbin made a point of saying that Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon expected both contracts to come to Team Red. If Natalya — or really, all four Superstars in the match — keep this up on Sunday, Raw will have one of them in the bag.

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