Finn Bálor def. Kevin Owens via Disqualification

Finn Bálor def. Kevin Owens via Disqualification

Kevin Owens isn’t as impressed with Finn Bálor as everybody else is, and it seemed for much of their main-event battle on Raw that the second-ever Universal Champion made it his personal mission to puncture the mystique around the first-ever Universal Champion. In response, The Extraordinary Man did one of the most extraordinary things of his career at the end of their match.

Owens picked his target wisely, zeroing in on Bálor’s arm and forcing him to fight out of what was looking like a very deep hole. When Finn clawed his way back, Owens subjected him to a good old-fashioned mugging, one that led the ref to hand Bálor a disqualification win to The Extraordinary Man after Owens refused to stop putting the boots to his adversary into the corner.

Hoping to further demoralize his opponent, Owens retrieved a ladder from under the ring and attempted to symbolically retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase while Finn watched prone from the floor, only to change his mind and tee Bálor up for a Frog Splash from the rungs. But KO hesitated a little too long, allowing Finn to rally, bring Owens down to earth and administer an astonishing Coup de Grâce from near the top of the ladder. As a final statement of his own, Finn scaled the ladder and snatched the briefcase with ease in a potential preview of the Men’s Money in the Bank Match.

If Owens’ goal was to expose flaws in Bálor’s game plan, he certainly succeeded. In terms of demystifying Bálor, however, it’s safe to say he fell short. Bumps and bruises aside, it’s difficult to argue that the Irishman didn’t look as extraordinary as ever when all was said and done.

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