Roman Reigns attacked Jinder Mahal

Kurt Angle denies Roman Reigns another Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Raw, May 14, 2018

Acting on orders from WWE Management, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle refuses to grant The Big Dog further opportunities to be part of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match or the chance to get payback on Jinder Mahal.

LONDON, U.K. — Is Roman Reigns best for business? Apparently, WWE management isn’t so sure. Following Reigns’ consecutive losses to Brock Lesnar and subsequent failure to win his way into the Men’s Money in the Bank Match last week, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle informed the three-time WWE Champion that he was barred from any further qualifying matches by the powers that be.

Instead, an opportunity would go to Jinder Mahal, who Angle admitted, seemingly under duress, that he had wrongly denied a qualifying match of his own last week. As a make-good, Mahal was placed into a Triple Threat qualifier against Bobby Lashley and Elias — this even though Mahal was the one who had cost Reigns his own qualifier. Reigns was sympathetic to Angle’s plight, but he also didn’t hesitate to cut the General Manager out of the equation. The Big Dog responded to his snubbing by hunting down Mahal behind the curtain, eventually brawling back out to the stage until a crew of officials ran interference and gave The Maharaja the cover he needed to escape.

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