Final Superstar in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match to be determined

Finn Bálor recalls an old saying heading into next week's Second Chance Fatal 4-Way Match: Exclusive, Feb. 5, 2018

Find out what will be running through the first Universal Champion's mind as WrestleMania glory hangs in the balance.

Finn Bálor, “Woken” Matt Hardy, Apollo Crews and Bray Wyatt — four Superstars who failed to qualify for the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match in recent weeks — will collide in a Second Chance Fatal 4-Way Match on Raw. The bout will decide the final Superstar to compete in the perilous clash inside the structure on Sunday, Feb. 25.

Bálor and Crews have made clear their intent to make the most of this unexpected opportunity, while the escalating rivalry between The Woken One and The Eater of Worlds adds an air of instability to the high-stakes match with WrestleMania implications. When the bell rings, you won’t want to take your eyes off the action.

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