Roman Reigns def. Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus: Raw, Feb. 12, 2018

The Big Dog locks up with The Celtic Warrior in an intensely brutal contest.

Having Seth Rollins off their radar didn’t stop The Bar from trash-talking The Kingslayer over his tag-team misfortunes. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of doing so in front of Roman Reigns, and now Sheamus has one more loss on his record than he did before tonight.

Not for lack of trying, for what it’s worth. Cesaro may have given The Alabaster Gladiator a ringside safety net after a slow start, but Sheamus kept momentum at his side on his own by administering a Cloverleaf, White Noise and Irish Curse that brought Reigns to the brink of defeat, to say nothing of a wrecking-ball knee to the face that almost knocked The Big Dog out cold. That maneuver teed Cesaro up for another interference, but Reigns sent The Swiss Cyborg into the crowd and rammed Sheamus into the ring post. The Celtic Warrior had the wherewithal to block a Drive-By with a massive clothesline, yet the final answer came from The Big Dog, who dropped an airborne Sheamus with a massive Spear that finally spelled the end.

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