Finn Bálor & Karl Anderson def. The Revival

Finn Bálor & Karl Anderson vs. The Revival: Raw, Feb. 5, 2018

Two of Raw's Good Brothers take on the red brand's resident "Top Guys."

Those of you wondering what it looks like when The Revival compete as singles Superstars will have to wait: According to Scott Dawson, the "tag team specialists" do everything together, and so he refused to allow Dash Wilder to face Finn Bálor one-on-one (Dash still owes him for that Coup de Grâce on Raw 25 a few weeks ago) until Finn picked a member of The Bálor Club to back him up in a tag match. He picked Karl Anderson, but the "Top Guys'" strategy seemed to pay off, as Dash & Dawson focused on Bálor’s inexperience as a tag team competitor to keep the bout in hand.

That left Anderson in the unexpected position of saving Bálor from the brink of defeat, and he made good on the opportunity when Finn finally reached him: The former Raw Tag Team Champion tagged in and used his own tag-team know-how to separate The Revival, sending Dash over the ropes in order to tee Dawson up for a Coup de Grâce of his own. The Revival might remain a step behind The Bálor Club, but true to their ethos, they lost the same way they win: Together.

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