Asuka def. Bayley

Asuka def. Bayley

Asuka remains undefeated, but with WrestleMania on the horizon and challengers arising from all sides, her margin for error is growing slimmer and slimmer. Last week, Sasha Banks took the The Empress of Tomorrow to the limit; this week, Asuka’s old NXT rival Bayley took her first Team Red crack at the undefeated Superstar.

The Huggable One started off somewhat in the shadow of Banks’ instant-classic effort, which Sasha said in a backstage encounter was proof that The Boss was capable of beating Asuka. Bayley countered that since she knew she could beat Banks, she thought she was capable of ending The Empress’ streak as well.

She seemed to be making good on the uncharacteristic boast as well, getting the better of Asuka in a series of exchanges that sent the women tumbling to the outside. Suffice it to say, Bayley was indeed ready for Asuka, but despite an extremely impressive effort that had The Empress of Tomorrow fighting from underneath the entire time, Bayley simply got caught. After Bayley reversed the painful Asuka Lock into a pinfall stack that nearly snapped her opponent’s streak, Asuka rolled her foe into an armbar that finally forced her to tap. Another all-world effort didn’t get Bayley the win, but it did give her something Asuka did not give The Boss (or Ronda Rousey, for that matter): A handshake.

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