“Stone Cold” Steve Austin attacked Mr. McMahon

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin attacked Mr. McMahon

NEW YORK CITY — On a night when Raw celebrated its 25th anniversary in two separate locations across New York City – The Barclays Center and The Manhattan Center – Raw and SmackDown LIVE Commissioners Stephanie and Shane McMahon put aside their rivalry to commemorate the occasion and offer their congratulations to Mr. McMahon himself. And so, in his own special way, did “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The night seemed to be going well for the McMahon family at first, as Stephanie and Shane introduced their father and presented him with a plaque to commemorate the achievement. The Chairman saw this tribute as insufficient at best, and he went from “smelling the roses” to turning on his children and the assembled WWE Universe. An infuriated McMahon proclaimed he had singlehandedly transformed Raw into an institution and had no one to share the credit with, at which point the glass shattered and his face went white.

Proving that wherever Mr. McMahon goes, “Stone Cold” is never far behind, the former WWE Champion marched down the ramp of the Barclays Center with some old-school mudhole stompin’ on his mind, and while Mr. McMahon proclaimed himself too “brittle” to square off with Austin, he happily offered up an “in his prime” Shane to a Stunner instead.

With his son decimated by The Rattlesnake, Mr. McMahon quickly moved to neutralize the situation by offering Austin a couple of Stevewisers and even managed to secure an embrace with his old enemy, but Austin Stunned him as well. Shane staggered back to his feet and seemed willing to share a toast with “Stone Cold,” but Austin dropped him with yet another Stunner. Here’s to 25 more.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin still loves to raise hell on Mr. McMahon: WWE.com Exclusive, Jan. 22, 2018

The Texas Rattlesnake unloads a verbal assault on Mike Rome, just moments after laying waste to his longtime adversaries, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and Shane-O-Mac on Raw 25.

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