“Woken” Matt Hardy presented the battlefield of "The Great War"

"Woken" Matt Hardy moves his pieces into position: Raw, Dec. 18, 2017

"Woken" Matt Hardy vows to "delete" Bray Wyatt and the "evil highness," Sister Abigail, from WWE's chessboard.

Bray Wyatt still isn’t convinced that “Woken” Matt Hardy is anything more than a deranged jester with a funny laugh, but there may be more method to Hardy’s madness than The Eater of Worlds gives him credit for.

After Wyatt likened his rivalry with Hardy to a chess game, Hardy re-emerged later in the show to take the analogy one step further. Not only did he defeat Napoleon Bonaparte — evidently reincarnated as a goldfish — in a game of chess, he presented a new board as a metaphor for “The Great War,” with 16 white pieces to represent Hardy and his Woken Warriors on one side, lined up against two black pieces — a king and queen symbolizing Wyatt and Sister Abigail — on the others. And, as always, the ultimate goal of this game is not checkmate, but deletion.

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