Paige & Mandy Rose def. Bayley & Mickie James

Bayley & Mickie James vs. Paige & Mandy Rose: Raw, Dec. 11, 2017

Bayley teams with Mickie James against two members of Absolution, as Sasha Banks and Sonya Deville look on from ringside.

After competing in her first match in over a year and defeating Sasha Banks last week on Raw, Paige sent a clear reminder to the Raw Women’s division of just what she’s capable of. This week, the Team Red ladies got to see what the former Divas Champion’s lieutenants were made of, as Mandy Rose teamed with Paige to take on the duo of Bayley & Mickie James.

Paige seemingly chose her backup wisely. With Sonya Deville patrolling the outside (Sasha provided reinforcement for Bayley and Mickie), Paige and Mandy had free reign to tee off on The Huggable One until she reached Mickie at the last possible second to make the tag. With Mandy alone in the ring, the six-time Women’s Champion was primed to make quick work of the newcomer, but a timely kick to the head from Paige broke up Mickie's DDT attempt and allowed Rose to steal the pinfall.

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