Finn Bálor def. Bo Dallas

Finn Bálor vs. Bo Dallas: Raw, Dec. 4, 2017

The Extraordinary Man Who Can Do Extraordinary Things clashes with The Miztourage's Bo Dallas, live on Raw.

With The Miz out of action shooting a movie, The Miztourage’s quest to represent his brand continues apace. This week, it was Bo Dallas — entering to Miz’s music, no less — who flew the flag against Finn Bálor in a match he intended to dedicate to The A-Lister, should he prove victorious.

He did not, though not for lack of trying. Dallas’ open challenge to Finn was certainly a bold maneuver, and he utilized The Awesome One’s “Mizdom” to pulverize Bálor with a bruising attack of his ribs. But the first-ever Universal Champion answered Dallas' impressive efforts, unleashing a quick-strike Sling Blade and a final Coup de Grâce that took him halfway across the ring for the victory.

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