Braun Strowman attacked Elias

Braun Strowman dismantles Elias: Raw, Dec. 4, 2017

As Braun Strowman strikes fear into the heart of the sinister songsmith, Kane has a message for The Monster Among Men.

Elias came within inches of the Intercontinental Championship last week, so he was understandably miffed when Kurt Angle bestowed the next opportunity at Roman Reigns’ title to his son instead. That said, Elias may have been a little too blunt in his criticism of The Olympic Hero, which is why he ended up facing a mystery opponent that turned out to be Braun Strowman.

To Elias’ credit, he didn’t even try to fight The Monster Among Men, instead leading the behemoth into a mad pursuit before the bell rang. When that didn’t get him anywhere, he went down swinging — literally. Elias smashed the guitar over the back of Strowman, who quickly shook it off and planted Elias with a Running Powerslam for his troubles.

Strowman had eyes on an even more sinister outcome, tossing the steel steps into the ring, but his attack was cut short when Kane emerged on the TitanTron with retribution on his mind for Strowman’s assault the previous week — as well as a challenge for another in-ring confrontation. “Together, we will descend into the abyss,” said The Big Red Machine. “But only one monster will emerge.”

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