Kane def. Jason Jordan via Count-out

Jason Jordan vs. Kane: Raw, Nov. 27, 2017

The "gold-blooded" Jason Jordan aims to prove himself by taking down The Big Red Machine.

Jason Jordan has read the tweets and he’s out to prove them wrong — perhaps, to his detriment.

The young Superstar was out for redemption after he tweaked his knee against Braun Strowman last week and was subjected to raised eyebrows from the WWE Universe who thought he might be milking it. He decided to do so in a match against Kane, but despite an impressive display of power from the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion, The Big Red Machine threw him over the ropes and Jordan landed square on the injured knee, causing Jordan immense pain and leading to a count-out loss.

It also led to a brutal beating at the hands of The Devil’s Favorite Demon, who methodically took Jordan apart after the bell until Finn Bálor appeared to cut the assault short.

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