Triple H added himself to Raw’s Survivor Series team

Triple H added himself to Raw’s Survivor Series team

With Jason Jordan injured by Bray Wyatt and unable to compete at Survivor Series, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle found himself facing a tough executive decision — only he wasn’t the one who ended up making it.

Angle came to the ring to break the news that Jordan’s injury would take him out of Sunday's match, but the pleas of his son stopped The Olympic Hero from naming his substitute. As Angle struggled with his words, the plot quickly thickened when Triple H resurfaced on Raw for the first time since WrestleMania and took matters into his own hands, announcing himself as the final member of Team Raw.

As the final insult to Angle, The King of Kings then delivered a brutal Pedigree to the distraught Jordan. Just six days before Raw and SmackDown compete in head-to-head competition, it seemed the battle lines were drawn and the pieces were set. But now, the game has changed.

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