Braun Strowman Running Powerslammed Kane through the ring

Braun Strowman Running Powerslammed Kane through the ring

Ordinarily, Braun Strowman shows up and demands competition. But after weeks of being targeted by Kane, he had a more specific demand in mind: He wanted The Big Red Machine, and while what ended up happening didn’t resemble a victory in the traditional sense, Strowman never said anything about beating Kane in a match.

What he did do was beat The Devil’s Favorite Demon around the ring with savage abandon, using his fists and a steel chair to send the former WWE Champion scurrying for cover. He even nearly superplexed Kane through a table on the outside, though The Big Red Machine evaded that grisly fate. Instead, Strowman ultimately hoisted his hellish foe his shoulders and delivered a Running Powerslam that drove both men through the canvas of the ring, and all this despite the match never officially starting.

In a way, perhaps, that’s the most emphatic victory Strowman could ever achieve over Kane: As The Big Red Machine knows better than anyone, it’s one thing to defeat a man in the ring. It’s another to send him to hell.

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