Jason Jordan def. Elias in a Guitar-on-a-Pole Match

Jason Jordan vs. Elias - Guitar-on-a-Pole Match: Raw, Nov. 6, 2017

The "gold-blooded" Jason Jordan looks for retribution against the sinister Elias in an instrument-smashing encounter.

It’s a saga worthy of any outlaw ballad: First, Elias smashed his guitar over Jason Jordan’s shoulder. Then, Jordan stole Elias’ replacement guitar and stomped it into smithereens. And now, finally, in a Guitar-on-a-Pole Match that put the six-string up for grabs, the gold-blooded Superstar stole it for himself and achieved his long-awaited payback against his foil.

Even though Elias was the first Superstar to retrieve the guitar from its hook, Jordan quickly changed the tune, charging Elias into the turnbuckles, suplexing him end over end and smashing the instrument over the sinister songsmith’s back to earn the win. The victory didn’t just close one chapter of Jordan’s career; it began a new one: Later in the evening, his father Kurt Angle named Jordan as the final member of the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team, citing a need for a Superstar he can trust.

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