Kane def. Finn Bálor

Finn Bálor vs. Kane: Raw, Oct. 23, 2017

Finn Bálor steps up to answer Kane's challenge in a fierce showdown.

As it turns out, Kane helping to shove Braun Strowman in the bed of a garbage truck last night wasn’t just an intra-squad spat that got extremely out of hand; The Big Red Machine had come back to Raw specifically to target Strowman and, upon further examination, had found The Monster Among Men wanting. Now, having disposed of The Gift of Destruction for several weeks or even months, Kane declared himself Raw’s only monster and, to prove his point, demanded fresh “competition” from any Raw Superstar bold enough to challenge him.

Finn Bálor gamely answered the call, and Kane quickly made him regret the decision: The Devil’s Favorite Demon dismantled the former Universal Champion with ruthless abandon, targeting Finn’s back with a coordinated attack. Bálor turned on the jets to fight back into contention, but Kane delivered a coup de grâce of his own with three chokeslams for the win — a parting gift from one demon to another, and a warning for anyone else who’d like to try their luck.

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