Jason Jordan def. Elias via Disqualification

Jason Jordan vs. Elias: Raw, Oct. 23, 2017

Never one to back away from a fight, Jason Jordan engages in a WWE TLC rematch against Raw's resident guitar player.

The events of WWE TLC led to a rare, if contested, pinfall defeat for Elias. On Raw, he lost again in a rematch to Jason Jordan — though this time, it must be said, of his own volition.

After Jordan interrupted yet another of Elias’ performances — this time by cutting his mic in the middle of song that had been billed as “uninterrupted” — Elias decided to smash his guitar over the hard-charging Jordan’s shoulder after he’d been driven into the barricade several times (once in front of the Green Bay Packers). The six-string strike left a gruesome welt on the young competitor's triceps, and the ensuing disqualification handed Jordan the victory ... but it's hard to argue that Elias didn't win the night.

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