Kalisto def. Enzo Amore to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Kalisto def. Enzo Amore to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

On Eddie Guerrero’s birthday, a self-styled disciple of the late Latino Heat, Kalisto, did his idol and the Cruiserweight division proud by dethroning the embattled Enzo Amore in an insane Lumberjack Match to claim his very first WWE Cruiserweight Title.

The win knocked Muscles Marinara off his leopard-print throne after just two weeks, and The King of Flight went into the bout expecting help from his fellow Cruiserweights, who had free reign to tee off on Amore for one night only. Instead, however, 205 Live’s finest quickly brawled among themselves at ringside after Enzo booted Mustafa Ali in the face to kick off a melee.

Kalisto took advantage of the confusion by superplexing the champion onto the scrum, momentarily wiping out everyone, but Amore rallied to hit his Jordanzo. That seemed like all she wrote ... until Ali repaid the champion by hauling him off Kalisto’s body when Smacktalker Skywalker went for the cover. Enzo dispatched Ali and perched his challenger on top of the turnbuckle, but The King of Flight flew, administering a jaw-dropping Salida del Sol from the top rope to claim the title, as Cedric Alexander and Ali hoisted him into the air. Happy birthday, Eddie. Viva la lucha.

Kalisto dedicates his WWE Cruiserweight Title victory to Eddie Guerrero: WWE.com Exclusive, Oct. 9, 2017

After capturing his first WWE Cruiserweight Title on Raw, Kalisto dedicates his win to late WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero on his birthday.

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