Finn Bálor def. Goldust

Finn Bálor vs. Goldust: Raw, Sept. 25, 2017

After Goldust's shocking attack backstage, Finn Bálor faces the eerie Superstar in the Raw ring.

Finn Bálor said his victory over Bray Wyatt at WWE No Mercy was to avenge The Reaper of Souls’ disrespect of Superstars like Goldust and to jumpstart his journey back toward his ultimate goal of reclaiming the Universal Championship. The Bizarre One, however, is no one’s charity case, and the former Intercontinental Champion both sucker-punched Finn in the locker room and showed just how much he can hang with the new generation in a subsequent match.

Goldust showcased the full scope of his physical expertise and his unorthodox mind games, but “The Extraordinary Man” rallied to Coup de Grâce his way to the win … and, moments later, the lights cut out and an eerie rendition of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” blared throughout the arena as the fireflies surrounded Bálor in the ring.

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