Braun Strowman def. Raw Tag Team Champion Dean Ambrose

Braun Strowman def. Raw Tag Team Champion Dean Ambrose

Being a lunatic certainly has its advantages. Unpredictability, fearlessness and a pretty solid win-loss record, to name a few. That said, whatever voice in Dean Ambrose’s head compelled him to fight Braun Strowman on Raw certainly didn’t do the Raw Tag Team Champion any long-term favors, though it did carry the The Lunatic Fringe to an impressive, if ultimately fruitless, effort against The Monster Among Men.

Going into this match, the best Ambrose probably could have hoped for was that he didn’t lose any teeth. Instead, he shocked everyone by giving Strowman a true-blue fight, sticking, moving and using an impressive combo of submissions, recklessness and chicanery (nice thumb to the eye) to get within arm’s length of victory.

Alas, The Monster Among Men still got the win by reversing Ambrose’s standing elbow drop into the devastating Running Powerslam. Even Ambrose’s partner, Seth Rollins, was unnerved that his buddy’s unpredictability put him and their title reign in danger. Ambrose’s counter that Rollins’ decision-making was a little too by-the-numbers led The Kingslayer to do something nobody saw coming: Seek out (and receive) a match with Strowman for next week.

Dean Ambrose accuses Seth Rollins of being "predictable": Raw, Sept. 25, 2017

When The Lunatic Fringe claims that he always knows Seth Rollins' next move, The Kingslayer does something no one could have anticipated.

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