Intercontinental Champion The Miz confronted Raw General Manager Kurt Angle

Jason Jordan defends his father against The Miz: Raw, Sept. 18, 2017

Jason Jordan retaliates after The A-Lister disrespects the "gold-blooded" Superstar's father, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Miz has gotten a lot of attention, both good and bad, for speaking his mind lately, but the Intercontinental Champion’s famous gift of gab may have finally gotten him into more trouble than it’s worth.

When The A-Lister confronted Kurt Angle over failing to schedule an Intercontinental Title Match for WWE No Mercy, the Raw General Manager countered that he had planned a Fatal 4-Way Match for tonight to determine Miz’s next challenger at that very pay-per-view. The participants? Elias, both Hardy Boyz and Angle’s son, Jason Jordan.

Jordan’s inclusion in the match led Miz to accuse Angle of favoring Jordan over veterans such as his own cohorts, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, to repair their relationship. That brought out the prodigy himself to defend his father, and Angle may have stopped Jordan from taking out The Miz and his crew then and there, but Jordan, clearly taking the accusations to heart, convinced his dad to stack the odds against him and add The Miztourage to the match, to which Angle agreed. Of course, he then cleared the ring of said Miztourage singlehandedly, so maybe Jordan didn’t so much take himself out of contention as give himself two more men to defeat.

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