Bray Wyatt challenged Finn Bálor to a match at WWE No Mercy

Bray Wyatt wants to battle Finn Bálor "man-to-man": Raw, Sept. 4, 2017

Following Bray Wyatt's attack last week, Finn Bálor aims for retribution against The Eater of Worlds when they go man-to-man at WWE No Mercy.

After a week where he was conspicuous by his absence, Bray Wyatt resurfaced on Raw seven days ago to eliminate Finn Bálor from a Battle Royal and remove him from contention for the Intercontinental Championship. This week, we found out why: Bray wants another match with the first-ever Universal Champion at WWE No Mercy, which is unsurprising given their series is tied thus far at one win apiece.

However, he added a special wrinkle, challenging Bálor to face him “man-to-man” as himself rather than the dreaded Demon that downed Wyatt at SummerSlam in order to prove the charismatic Irishman can defeat Wyatt without the help of his “bow and arrow.” Bálor accepted The Reaper of Souls’ offer, but time will tell if he was wise to return to war without his greatest equalizer by his side.

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