Finn Bálor def. Jason Jordan

Finn Bálor vs. Jason Jordan: Raw, Aug. 21, 2017

In a match requested by Jason Jordan, the son of Kurt Angle clashes with the enigmatic Finn Bálor on Raw.

So Jason Jordan wants competition. Finn Bálor, to be precise. And even though the gold-blooded Superstar came up short in the match he asked his father and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to grant, it was still one of the most high-profile showcases of Jordan’s abilities to date.

If nothing else, Jordan proved he can not only survive, but thrive on Team Red, countering Bálor’s striking and high-flying with amateur-style wizardry that grew more and more intense as the match raged on. He even managed to land one charge into the corner, but Finn thwarted the Angle Slam-neckbreaker combo and reclaimed the advantage. When Jordan again went to set up the sequence after charging Bálor all around the ring, the Irishman countered and nailed the chest-caving Coup de Grâce to seal the victory.

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