Jason Jordan appeared on "Miz TV"

Jason Jordan appeared on "Miz TV"

Jason Jordan’s parentage has been the talk of Team Red ever since Kurt Angle revealed that the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion was his son two weeks ago, and like any Hollywood player worth his salt, The Miz tried to get in on the action for an exclusive “Miz TV” sitdown with the young Superstar. Of course, Miz’s passive-aggressive line of questioning ended up getting him into more trouble than the interview may have been worth.

Miz’s offer to mentor Jordan and add him to The Miztourage was turned down politely enough, but tensions began to escalate when The A-Lister implied that Jordan would receive preferential treatment from Angle. Miz went so far as to demean The Olympic Hero as a “washed-up jock” pining for long-gone glory.

Jordan threatened action if Miz kept trash-talking his father, and when The A-Lister responded with a cheap shot, Jordan struck, belly-to-bellying The Awesome One into his entire crew.

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