Big Cass confronted Enzo Amore

Big Cass silences Enzo Amore and Big Show: Raw, July 17, 2017

The rampaging Big Cass lays out The World's Largest Athlete and once again attacks his former friend.

So, Enzo Amore got annihilated by Big Cass at WWE Great Balls of Fire. As Ol’ Blue Eyes would say, “that’s life.” But Muscles Marinara was back in full form this week on Raw, throwing seven feet of shade in Cass’ direction over his former partner’s ill-fated standoff with Big Show last week.

Cass arrived to offer a retort, at which point Show himself appeared on the scene for another go with Cass while Enzo posted up in the crowd to watch.

Another titanic battle ensued among the big men, but this time around, Big Cass got the last word, beating Show down to the mat and taking out Enzo with a big boot when he tried to intervene.

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