Samoa Joe def. Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe def. Roman Reigns

It’s safe to say that this is not what Roman Reigns had in mind for his Raw return.

Not only was The Big Dog’s SummerSlam announcement interrupted by Samoa Joe, but he later lost his match against The Samoan Submission Specialist thanks to the titanic re-emergence of a rival he thought he’d placed in the rearview.

Joe, for his part, was the immovable object against Reigns’ typically unstoppable force during their match. He refused to bend an inch to The Big Dog and demanded that Reigns say his name proper.

The Big Dog eventually and barely found daylight with a Spear, though Joe broke the pinfall by getting his foot on the rope. The No. 1 contender to the Universal Title rolled outside to recover and barely made it back in before the count of 10, at which point Reigns revved up for Spear No. 2 … and then an ambulance appeared on the TitanTron, from which burst the unmistakable sight of a bellowing Braun Strowman.

Shell-shocked by the reappearance of The Monster Among Men, who was presumed to be out with an injury for up to six months, Reigns was easy pickings for a Coquina Clutch that put him to sleep. And that’s when Braun made his move.

The Gift of Destruction entered the arena and reminded Reigns in the most painful terms possible that he wasn’t finished with him — via a Reverse Chokeslam into the mat and an Ambulance Match challenge for the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view … provided, he said, Reigns was “man enough” to show up.

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