Finn Bálor def. Bo Dallas

Finn Bálor vs. Bo Dallas: Raw, June 19, 2017

WWE's first Universal Champion takes on an aggressive Bo Dallas on Raw.

Bo Dallas has been searching for a big win, which meant that Raw’s bout with Finn Bálor was something of a go-big-or-go-home moment for the former NXT Champion. Dallas, seizing the opportunity, attempted to give himself a leg up by jumping Finn before the bell sounded.

For a minute, it seemed the strategy would work, especially after Bo blasted Bálor with a knee to the side of the head. Alas, the inaugural Universal Champion roared back, administering the Coup de Grâce to deny his foe in ferocious fashion.

Oddly enough, Bo wasn't even the only Superstar to be one-upped by Finn. That honor also went to Elias Samson, who had his performance interrupted by Bálor's entrance just minutes before the match ... and repaid the Irishman later in the evening with a sneak attack in the middle of an interview, along with a warning to never upstage him again.

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