Enzo Amore was attacked again

Enzo Amore was attacked again

What initially seemed to be an intriguing mystery — who jumped Enzo Amore — took a head-spinning amount of twists and turns this week. First, The Revival resurfaced to deny responsibility, despite the fact they were at Raw last week doing "top guy things" while Dash Wilder continues to recuperate from a broken jaw. At least, that’s what Scott Dawson said.

Later, Corey Graves somehow got wrangled into the intrigue when he seemed to imply that Big Cass knew more about Enzo’s attack than he was letting on. The seven-footer was a little more than miffed at the idea, confronting Graves at the commentary table in an effort to clear his name. And after Enzo was jumped again, Cass insisted to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle that The Revival had to be the perpetrators, despite Angle’s insistence he had personally seen Dash & Dawson leaving the building. Unconvinced, Cass vowed that he would not leave Amore’s side from that point on.

The Revival address the Enzo Amore mystery: Raw, May 29, 2017

Did Team Red's Certified G get ambushed by two "top guys"?

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