Kalisto def. Apollo Crews

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews: Raw, May 22, 2017

Apollo Crews takes on a high-flying masked adversary with Titus O'Neil keeping close watch.

Apollo Crews’ budding stint in The Titus Brand has been paying dividends in the ring, but his tendency to seemingly fight Titus O'Neil's battles for him hasn’t been sitting too well with Kalisto.

The King of Flight went so far as to ask whether or not the new-attitude Crews was behind a brutal sneak attack on Enzo Amore following their scuffle at the end of last week’s Raw, a charge Crews vehemently denied.

Crews insisted that he was only partnered with Titus to keep his options open, but he certainly seemed to emulate The Big Deal’s ruthlessness when O’Neil organized a match between the two after Kalisto refused to join the Brand. Titus’ nonstop instructions seemingly threw Crews off his game, however, and The King of Flight was able to capitalize with the Salida del Sol for the win.

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