WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville & TJP def. Austin Aries & Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Austin Aries & Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Neville & TJP: Raw, May 15, 2017

Tensions run high as Cruiserweights collide in tag team action.

Austin Aries and Gentleman Jack Gallagher have found themselves in Neville and TJP’s crosshairs for weeks now, so it was only fitting that the two joined forces against The King of the Cruiserweights and his apparent protégé on Raw. Unfortunately for them, Aries’ bum knee put the team at a disadvantage, and Neville & TJP were working in perfect sync from the jump.

Neville would distract the ref and TJP would get in a few illicit punches on a staggered Aries, all the while keeping Gentleman Jack from the ring. When Gallagher eventually entered the fray, it looked as though he was in control of The Fil-Am Flash until things broke down into an all-out brawl.

When the dust settled, Gallagher landed his headbutt and teed up TJP for the “Gentleman’s Dropkick,” but Neville grabbed his ankle to thwart the maneuver. His No. 1 contender, Aries, clobbered The King of the Cruiserweights with the Discus Five-arm, but TJP capitalized nonetheless, landing a match-ending Detonation Kick on Gentleman Jack. And with a TJP-Aries showdown looming on tomorrow's 205 Live, Neville reassured TJP that they would end the "problem" A-Double has posed in advance of TJP's oft-hinted at title match.

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