Will The Hardy Boyz get even with Cesaro & Sheamus?

Cesaro & Sheamus lash out at the WWE Universe: Raw, May 1, 2017

One night after Cesaro & Sheamus assaulted Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz, the brawlers get brutally honest with the WWE Universe.

As a No. 1 Contenders’ Tag Team Turmoil Match looms — with the participants not yet revealed — Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz have yet to get even with Cesaro & Sheamus who, after The Celtic Warrior went so far as to knock out one of Jeff Hardy’s teeth during their bout at WWE Payback, assaulted the brothers after the bell.

The callous Swiss Cyborg and The Alabaster Gladiator have no remorse about what they’ve done, and their pursuit of the Raw Tag Team Titles has overtaken any sense of sportsmanship they might have had in the past. Will Matt & Jeff finally get their hands on Cesaro & Sheamus after the brawlers’ avoided a confrontation this past Monday night?

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