Luke Gallows def. Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows: Raw, May 1, 2017

One night after The Realest Guys in the Room defeated the so-called "good brothers" in the WWE Payback Kickoff Match, Enzo Amore clashes with Luke Gallows.

Following his and Big Cass’ victory over Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson at Payback Kickoff, Enzo Amore predicted singles victory against Gallows in “uno momento in Sacramento.” It didn’t look like it was going to go that way after The Suntan Biker Man jumped Muscles Marinara from behind before the match, and it really didn’t look like it was going that way once order was restored and Gallows tossed Enzo around the ring like a rag doll. It did look for a brief second like it was going to go Enzo’s way when he hit Gallows with the field goal kick. But then Karl Anderson got involved, distracted Big Cass and all Gallows needed was uno momento to hit a fireman’s carry flapjack on Enzo for the win.

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